My name is Evgeniia. I am a passionate and keen pattern engineer with over 15 years of experience in fashion industry. I have excellent collaboration and communication skills. I am highly proficient as in using CAD software for pattern creation so in manual pattern alteration.

A very common question from my colleagues and friends is, why I don’t start my own clothing brand? What do you think my first association is? I imagine how many clothes there are in the world. It can be cheap or expensive, fast fashion or slow fashion, but in any case, there is a lot.

I want to confess to you that I do not dream about my own brand. I feel the proportions and style of different designers. I make pattern cutting and I really love this job! I understand very well that due to the overproduction of clothes, there is a lot of competition. My knowledge should be useful to clothing manufacturers, of course, if they see this benefit. Anyway, someone wants to burn like a star, and someone else wants stars to burn.